Release Notes

These release notes describe changes to the TP53 application. For information about TP53 database releases, see Database Development on the About page.

Jan 2024 (R20 Database)


March 2023 (R20 Database)

  • Button for viewing the Variant Details page is updated and relocated for increased visibility.

July 2022 (R20 Database)

Enhancements and New Features
  • The Events menu is now available for viewing upcoming meetings and conferences.

March 2022 (R20 Database)

  • The source of the reference under the How to Cite section has been updated.
Enhancements and New Features
  • Label "Sample" is replaced with "Tumor" in Search Germline Variant form for clarity.
  • Terminology "Somatic Variant" is changed to "Tumor Variant"
  • Search germline variant will perform queries against all data regardless of the carrier value.
  • Two filters, Confirmed or Obligate Carriers Only and Cancer-Affected Individuals Only, are added to Search Germline Variant under Individual and Pedigree tab.
  • SpliceAI scores have been added to functional/structural data, germline variant, and tumor(somatic) variant search.
  • PubMed links are added to the germline and tumor(somatic) variant search results.
  • Various JavaScript libraries have been updated for security purposes.
Bug Fixes
  • Downloads preview: resolved symbol display issue.

October 2021 (R20 Database)

Initial build release
  • Oct 25, 2021: The TP53 database web application was successfully transferred from IARC to US National Cancer Institute (NCI) with data R20.