Release Notes

These release notes describe changes to the TP53 application. For information about TP53 database releases, see Database Development on the About page.

March 2022 (R20 Database)

  • The source of the reference under the How to Cite section has been updated.
Enhancements and New Features
  • Label "Sample" is replaced with "Tumor" in Search Germline Variant form for clarity.
  • Terminology "Somatic Variant" is changed to "Tumor Variant"
  • Search germline variant will perform queries against all data regardless of the carrier value.
  • Two filters, Confirmed or Obligate Carriers Only and Cancer-Affected Individuals Only, are added to Search Germline Variant under Individual and Pedigree tab.
  • SpliceAI scores have been added to functional/structural data, germline variant, and tumor(somatic) variant search.
  • PubMed links are added to the germline and tumor(somatic) variant search results.
  • Various JavaScript libraries have been updated for security purposes.
Bug Fixes
  • Downloads preview: resolved symbol display issue.

October 2021 (R20 Database)

Initial build release
  • Oct 25, 2021: The TP53 database web application was successfully transferred from IARC to US National Cancer Institute (NCI) with data R20.