The TP53 Database compiles various types of data and information from the literature and generalist databases on human TP53 gene variations related to cancer. The database is hosted by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) of the United States. The content reflects the R20, July 2019 version
Explore functional and structural data and frequency statistics of all possible single nucleotide substitutions in TP53 exonic sequences, other variants reported in human samples, and validated polymorphisms.
Explore data for TP53 tumor variants identified in human tumor samples. Includes data on the type and position of variants, detailed information on the tumor in which the variants have been found, and on various characteristics of the patients in which the tumor developed.
Explore data for individuals that are carriers of a TP53 germline variant and families in which at least one family member has been identified as a carrier of a germline variant in the TP53 gene.
Explore data for cell-lines that have been screened for TP53 variant and have been published in the scientific literature, in the Sanger cell-line database, or the Broad Cancer cell-line Encyclopedia.
Explore data for mouse models with engineered p53 that are compiled in the caMOD database or reported in the scientific literature.
Explore data for variants in the human TP53 gene obtained from mutagenicity assays in the Hupki mouse model (MEF cells treated with the indicated carcinogen agent) or in a yeast assay.